Far Infrared Therapy For: 

Knees • Elbows • Wrist • Thighs • Calf • Ankles • Feet • Hands

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Amazing 4 way stretch for maximum comfort! Soothing far infrared therapy.
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Waking up with sore stiff hands in the morning? Try sleeping with Thermoflow® Therapy Gloves to improve circulation and reduce joint stiffness! Thermoflow® Raynaud’s Gloves: For many people both young and old, painful or cold hands can rob you of the ability to go about your daily activities. Fortunately Themoflow can alleviate many of the ailments associated with numbness due to poor circulation and the soreness associated with muscle and joint issues. Read More…

Knees bothering you when you get off the couch, or climbing a set of stairs? Use Thermoflow® knee bands for natural relief from knee issues. Our line of bands offer both the ability to target the affected joint or muscle and can give a measured degree of support due to its elasticity. Read More…

Always feeling cold, dealing with poor circulation and sore muscles, try Thermoflow’s clothing line of Shirts and Long Johns for warmth and comfort. For covering entire parts of the body to produce overall well-being and warmth, we recommend using our extensive line of clothing. These garments can be worn underneath regular clothing or by themselves. Read More…

Thermoflow® Is Effective For Improving Blood Circulation And Reducing Joint Stiffness

As Heard On CKNW AM980 With Pharmacist & Health Expert Alan Glasser.
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Alan Glasser: Pharmacist and Health Expert (B.Sc. (Gen.), B.Sc. ( Pharm.) B.A.C., L.E.S.

In 34 years of clinical practice, Alan has always had a passion for finding answers for his clients. His greatest enlightenment came when working as a pharmacist, he noticed that clients were not always happy with the results they got from conventional medication. This started him on a path of discovery to do extensive research into complementary medicine. His client’s greatest successes have been in the areas of pain relief, energy and natural beauty solutions.