Thermoflow Far Infrared (FIR) Testimonials & Reviews

I have been wearing a Thermoflow elasticated knee band, 24 hours a day since 2002. At that time I had suffered permanent nerve damage from knee replacement surgery. My pain was excruciating. By luck, I discovered that the only relief that I got was when I tightly clasped my knee with my hands. That led me to search for a product that would duplicate that experience. I tried several knee products, most of which had a hole for the knee cap, which did not work for me, or they were too weak, and did not apply enough pressure. Finding the Thermoflow Knee Band brought me the control over the pain that I needed. I usually keep several of the bands around, as I tend to need more pressure in the a.m., but only light pressure when I sleep. The Thermoflow product, is a quality knee band, and I find that even when they age, they are still usable for me, as they fill the role where I need a little less pressure. My quality of life has been greatly enhanced by these Knee Bands, and I have a lot to thank Thermoflow Research for.

- R. Hawkins, Airdrie, Alberta

I tried your gloves and can't believe it. I have no idea how it works but what a difference. My swelling is gone and my hand no longer aches. At first I thought it was only in my head, but now I know it's really made a difference. Amazing product.

- Hilda C, Surrey, BC

First, I would like to say, "I cannot imagine living without ThermoFlow products". I have worn thermo sleeves on my leg since 1999. I no longer notice the tingling, numbness, ache, and pain while wearing ThermoFlow. My right leg was the donor site for an artery to be used in by-pass surgery, which I had in 1997. I was told in advance of the surgery, there could be severe damage.By 1999, the problems with my right leg were ongoing - numbness, tingling in the ankle area, radiating up my leg with nagging aching to pain. Support hose certainly didn't provide the relief I expected. One day, while talking to my friend in Vancouver, telling her that, while my surgery gave me the ability to function without chest pain, now I am restricted by leg pain, from walking. A few days later, I received a brief note from my friend along with two thermosleeves. She wrote, "Try this product. I think you will be pleasantly surprised." I put the calf sleeve on. I don't know what I expected, but I did not expect the almost instant relief of nagging, achey pain and tingling. I kept walking around. I just couldn't believe this absence of pain and discomfort. I was in tears. I wonder if you can have any idea of the wonder of this product. Bless you for ThermoFlow.

- Nancy F, Victoria, BC

Just a note to let you know the results of wearing the gloves which you sent me a few months ago. My arthritis in the base of the thumbs has given me a great deal of pain over the past few years and use of medication and creams has not helped a great deal, especially as I have to use my hands so much in my line of business. I now have a level of comfort which allows me to work and not even be aware of any disability. At first I wore them night and day but now I just wear them at night and at times when I feel the discomfort coming back. This is such a wonderful product and has given me tremendous relief and I recommend it whole heartedly to anyone who suffers from pain in joints.

- Helen J, Surrey, BC

I have osteoarthritis of the left knee and require a total joint replacement. I am currently wearing your ThermoFlow infrared knee band. In a matter of days my knee has improved considerably and the pain has been greatly reduced. I just wanted to thank you for a great product.

- Alice T, La Mesa, CA

I have been wearing your socks and T-shirt since March 9, 2000 and have greatly benefited from these products. With diagnoses of both M.S. and multiple chemical sensitivities resulting from heavy exposure in 1978 to perchlorethylone, diazinonon, etc., I have suffered with cold extremities. More recently, I purchased the long johns and I love them.

- Elain L, Kettleby, Ont.

I would just like to thank you for your wonderful products. I recently purchased the Shoulder Cover, as I was unable to unload my dishwasher, put my coat on, and basically I couldn't do anything that required me to lift my arms or to carry anything. I am now pain free and able to do many things which I couldn't before. My many thanks and continued success with your wonderful products Yours sincerely,

- Rosemarie A.

Since my recent purchase of the ThermoFlow gloves, the pain from chronic arthritis in my thumbs has decreased dramatically. I am able to do things that had become out of the question, gardening, sitting at my computer typing most of the time. We have some supposed Arthritis gloves here in Australia but they are no where as good as ThermoFlow. My many thanks.

- Zylla N, Australia

I thought I would write you and let you know how pleased I am to have been introduced through a friend of mine to your product "ThermoFlow" long gloves. Eight months ago, I developed in two of my finger joints, one on each hand, what the doctor thinks is rheumatism or arthritis related. I was told to take arthritis pills and put a special cream on the joints, in other words live with it. So I was on my way taking 4 to 6 pills a day and having temporary relief. Without taking the medicine, the pain was back in a day worse than before. To the good part, my friend convinced me to purchase your product. It is now over two months that I have been wearing the gloves around the clock most of the time. After I started wearing the gloves the first two days I did not need any more pain killers or cream. The joints have been back to normal as I can expect for over a month now and I have started to wear the gloves only at night. It seems to be enough. You have a great product and should be proud of it. I already have told a few of my friends about my gloves. Regards,

- Klaus H, Chilliwack, BC

I have been arthritic for many years. My hands and shoulders have been the most affected. For the past seventeen years, I have experienced swelling, joint pain and decreasing functionality and mobility of my fingers. Of course that has meant that my ability to do even fairly light lifting has been restricted. I had to purchase a two cup coffee pot. I enjoy needlework such as counted cross stitch. For several years, I have had a lot of difficulty pursuing this hobby. There are times when my hands are so painful and weak that I have had to resort to using pliers to pull the needle through the fabric. I wore ThermoFlow gloves overnight for a week and have noticed an amazing difference. There is no pain. There is much less swelling and the mobility I have regained in my fingers is truly astounding. I can actually flex my fingers. I can't believe that this is happening! Arthritis has also plagued my shoulder joints. For many years, I have been unable to lift my arms higher that shoulder height without pain. As you can imagine, this has had quite an effect on my day to day living. Just putting a jacket on can be painful. Having experienced the miracle of the gloves, I decided last weekend to try the t-shirt. I wore it for two days and one night before I noticed anything. Then, I could suddenly lift my arms over my head without trouble or pain. Yesterday, I unloaded my dishwasher for the first time since wearing both the gloves and t-shirt. I have been a registered nurse for the past 50 years. I am a great believer in medicine and the healing powers of prescription medication. However, nothing has given me any relief from the relentless pain of arthritis with the exception of a drug whose side effects made taking it intolerable. I am not a person who would normally resort to using a product not recommended or prescribed to me by my physician. I am not a person who believes in alternate medicine in any way, shape or form. In short, I was very skeptical about ThermoFlow products when my daughter told me she had heard about them. However, I have changed my mind. The relief from pain and restricted mobility and the improvement in my quality of life which have resulted directly from the use of your product have been nothing less than astounding. You can be sure that I am now recommending Theroflow products to everyone I know who suffers as I have done and no longer have to. Yours truly,

- Laurette M, Maple Ridge, BC

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